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I looked around and thought what the fuck was I doing there. The place was luxurious, with a thousand lights that embellished, semi naked waitresses and many people fucking in every corner. Without going further, to my left, a woman in her 50s and her husband touched his phallus an uncle, that the zipper had taken. Her moans echoed in my ear, but I was so nervous that nothing I saw made me horny, not even observe, with what I liked …

Honey relax, if you want we go. – Listen to tell Aitor.

I shook my head. The wonderful idea of coming to this place was mine, and although I no longer seem “wonderful” not going to rajarme. My sex life had to improve and after excluding thousands of options, which remained for me to shuffle was this. Take my whiskey only a mouthful and I approached my boy mischievously, I went straight to his cock, I would not beat around the bush at this point. I ate his mouth as he pulled the gift from the trousers, not long before I started getting tough and pajearlo quietly, soft and slow.

Need some help – a woman’s voice sounded behind us. Was accompanied by a man I assumed was her husband. We take a quick look. Brunette bob, good body, face and extremely fiery blue eyes that quite favored her pale face. He, too dark, dark eyes, high, nothing fancy but physically to get laid he looked good.

I looked Aitor faced questionnaire and he looked back at me with a face of approval.

“Yes.” – I said after our little visual analysis, and nothing more was to be said for that woman, which does not even know his name, he will kneel right there to suck my husband, whom she almost turned their eyes pleasure when that woman put it in her mouth. While I pajeaba, she sucked.

The man approached me from behind and grabbing my hair, hit me neck to his mouth and whispered in my ear “I’m looking to fuck her mouth since I’ve seen those thick lips, it must give you luxury” . My nerves were reduced and my panties were beginning to get wet.

When Aitor nearly spilling into the mouth of the brunette, the couple ended the session bar and invited us to move to a quieter place. Hovered there are still many having sex, but as we were all ours, neither we stopped to watch the antics inordinately riding other.

Hugo and Mary, or so called themselves, they threw in a round bed with a red silk sheets which was a pleasure to be. About the same time we began to devour. Hugo opened my legs and without much finesse began to lick your pussy, I looked beside me to hear my husband say cerdadas Mary while she sucked, and had let her hair and began to really enjoy. I got a little jealous, had long felt that feeling not so irritating, since I had never shared my husband. That thought I was fast when Hugo grabbed me by the neck and began to suck my whole; face, neck, breasts, navel … hit me a bite on the clitoris. “Andrea, we are what we are. I do not spend saliva in vain”. I liked his cockiness. I returned mine, this guy grabbed by the hair and forced him literally breathe without letting devour brutally sex until I ran into her mouth. His face to see those big jets out of my hole were a mixture of curiosity and fear, but slowly opened his mouth and gladly received.

I realized that my husband looked at me and Mary rode slowly and sensually. I saw in his eyes that saw not long ago. Passion. He bit his lip and his eyes glowing while another enjoyed his wife. I went to “all fours” to kiss while Hugo took to whip a little from behind and touched my dark hole. He made me laugh, in fact, has never liked me. But both lubricated and inserted his finger so gently that a cry of pleasure stuck in my throat. “I’m going to fuck everywhere, but before suck my dick. I’m dying”

His pants down when I turned around, his cock was fully hard and looking all the way up. It was perfect. Bigger than Aitor, which when my husband was not amused, but I do and plenty. Very dark, with pink tip and an almost transparent droplets flowing from it. Appetizing to eat.

I savored his penis as if pleasure enjoying it provide me, and somehow so, my pussy was wet spasms and increasing. I introduced him gently on the mouth, swallowing as much as possible, to give me even arcades. And I began to give strong shaking my mouth while my hands. He began to moan and pulled me away quickly. “If you go, I run”

I did not get much, Hugo climbed above me and started embestirme. Aitor call with a hand gesture to indicate to help him. He pulled his cock from my pussy and let my husband be placed above me, he lifted me in his arms and placed underneath. I lubricated ass and began to penetrate together. I do not know how many times I ran into that position. I know they aguataron much more than me. Screamed as ever, my ears heard profanity hitherto unknown to them. “Fuck me harder bastards” “post on my face” and many more things so rare in me.

They left me almost simultaneously. Mary (who until then knew not where it was) expected knees in bed patiently. Grabbing my hair my husband beat me to it and poured its viscous liquid on our faces, which licked and shared between us and our mouths giving us an awesome kiss and our tongues colliding stained semen.

Shortly afterwards Hugo tended to his wife and ran over her pussy while massaging the clitoris drawing moisture of that liquid. “Clean it Andrea” I went willingly to remove that language with my lot of cum, taking advantage eat her pussy and make her finish her too.

“I meant that cleanse paper, but that I liked it better” – Hugo said looking at Aitor and its totally stiff cocks again, ready for a new battle.

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