Fr meine Schwester, die dumme Fotze

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My best friend is a blond, curly hair, a slim body, a really beautiful, firm and round butt, which steals all eyes, is a physically and spiritually beautiful woman, lives alone and is a super independent woman, body worked Gym and all the attributes of beauty imaginable.

That day as we used to, we were at home to talk about our things sometimes drink beer, sometimes sometimes wines and soft drinks etc., that day the heat of talks led us to open a bottle of wine, conversation friends as always, we have everything, yet despite my best friend I can not stop being a man and sincerely that night to see her dressed in very very short pajamas purple could stop not see her as contour of the rear out a bit of that tiny piece lingerie almost.

After a while we went to watch TV the cold began to feel more and more. Changing TV channels passing through an erotic film of those who give from 10 at night. I decided to leave and see his reaction, he just laughed and told me barbarian. When standing and go for a blanket to accommodate me take the member who already felt a little erect the situation the film and her. Came with the blanket and we covered side by another but not so close together, the film was ongoing situations sex and increasingly excited, I just thought if she would like the wine we had taken towards increasingly their Indeed, so I decided to put my hand on the blanket and unbutton my pants and started stroking very gently, you could see the bulge outside the blanket and my movements were slow and very “discreet” the situation in the film reached its climax, and did not talk could only hear the change of breathing my best friend next door, could hear his heartbeat, turned sideways and I saw that he had his hand under the blanket also with a movement caresses her beautiful vulva. I could not but I started masturbating beside her without shame was excitedly and my erect and juicy ready to embestirla penis, turned around to see us and she uncapped and I could see if hand inside if playing safely with your fingers and moaning in pleasure, we were then stare, I made the motion to go up to her and give her a fuck ever, that fuck we always had imagined each other how serious ?, my surprise was that said: NO So he took my arm me leaned over to his side and his pajamas down completely, I did the same and continued masturbating, I realized I wanted to do it myself, so I started doing his gaze intently on my penis while I heaved sometimes stopped to I could see him and her moans were tremendously exciting, I made him as desperate to be in that situation, could not but feel that would burst. until she decided she wanted to see me explode masturbating her getting stronger and increasing their moans of pleasure, until it reached its climax I for one burst suddenly and saw my run was brutally abundant, then she gave her last groan and that feminine expression of pleasure at the end.

I moved closer to him as if to lick, I take your hand up and under my penis in it and pulled the last of me. He gave me a kiss on his full lips and lick light that left me ecstatic.

What happened next is just ours, but I can say that my best friend is more beautiful than anyone could have happened …

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