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The date of my birthday with Alex approached and became increasingly excited planning how would our first time; although, wanted it to be something very romantic and unforgettable, also hoped that involve much eroticism.

Of course, Eli was helping with the planning and already had reserved a room at the Motel Desire, with jacuzzi, large mirrors and large spaces where could put into practice what I had in mind.

The mere thought of all this caused moisture in my crotch and made me want to crave it came time to give myself completely to my boyfriend.

The weekend before I went to spend the night at my friend’s house, where we thought we would be alone and talk for hours every detail or, why not ?, have another of our sex sessions.

We were listening to music when I happened to choose a song to dance and do striptease for Alex. Eli suggested I practice in front of her and could not refuse to hear the first notes of “Bachata Rosa” because it is romantic and very lilting rhythm.

I started moving her hips and slowly rotate 360 degrees, hands glued to the legs and lifting the skirt that covered, but without showing my underwear.

I slid my right hand down my torso, through my small breasts up to the neck, back, lifting and dropping hair gently, while the left hand caressing my legs and round buttocks.

The beat of the song in full synchrony undid each of the buttons on my blouse, when the last, I dropped from shoulder to elbow and then opened it to show my chest, covered by a white bra; I turned my back to Eli and throwing her arms back, I let gravity take care of her blouse.

Again I put myself in front, massaging my breasts above the fabric that covered, while moving her hips, lick my lips and bite the bottom. Eli had a face that betrayed the urge to jump to help undress and take me to bed, but was holding well.

I brought my hands back, to undo the button on the skirt and let it fall from the waist to the feet, shaking her hips and giving a full turn on my own axis.

Even though my clothes were not suitable for this task, I felt very sexy and provocative, besides being so excited and felt my very wet panties.

I was taking off my bra when the song and also the charm of my sensual dance is over; it was very disappointing, because I had only two options: Undress faster or get more songs to not interrupt the dance; choose the second.

While Eli was looking for songs on your laptop, I took a cotton-like, sleeveless, which used the basketball that was not enough to cover my butt and much noticed my erect nipples; outfit with this precarious I went to the bathroom, after all, no one else in my friend’s house.

Pissed, I washed my hands and out into the hallway … Oh, surprise! … That was David’s brother Eli, with eyes so wide that could well have gotten out of their orbits. Do not know what to do, just limited myself to lean against the wall and trying to lose her blouse to hide my privacy.

“Brother intruder” went from surprised lustful in milliseconds, not take his eyes off my erect nipples under the shirt; I turned around, not detach from the wall, vainly trying to hide.

We had not exchanged a word in those awkward moments that made me eternal; Suddenly, I felt a hand of David landing on my back and I heard that said “By God, Love !, What a nice ass you have!”.

On a normal day, my reaction would have been to slap the guy and run to take refuge in the room … but that was not a normal day, I was extremely excited and feel of his hands on my skin I had gone much fever.

“Are you okay good, mommy,” I heard whispering in my ear, making me turn to check the moisture of my crotch, then put his hand under her panties, open the lower lips and seek my clitoris with great mastery, giving me in moments my first orgasm of the night.

He kissed my neck, stroking my back, crossing it all, reaching the buttocks and making his way back again and again. I wanted more, she was ready to lose my virginity there, no matter who was not with my boyfriend and all the time invested in research, planning and practice.

No breath stirred … No … I was panting and moaning, because David had found its way to introduce a couple of fingers into the vagina!; I could not contain myself and cried when he started the in-out with which managed to tear my second orgasm.

Eli suddenly appeared, shouting insults and vulgarities against David, I think you also against me, but I can not say for sure because I was busy with my vaginal contractions.

My friend took me to his room, I lay in bed, opened my legs and started licking my pussy and get me two fingers wildly, without consideration and with a fast pace, and again drew meter; I had at least three orgasms, the last one was very long and finished with all my energy.

David saw the whole show from the door. Eli got up and said: “That is all for you, brother, go to satisfy yourself, because this girl is still a virgin and not let you approach her again.”

He closed the door and said: “Love, you’re a slut, you have to stop thinking about sex all the time because then you can not properly carry out your anniversary celebration.” He was right, but for her, and David would have taken care of me taste the sweetness of pleasure.

I agreed and undertook to practice a total fast sex: do not think about sex, not talk about sex, do not see sex on TV or internet, or allow Alex (or anyone else) I caress libidinously to meet the target. .. It would be very difficult, but I knew I was going to achieve.

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