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My name is Susan and I’ll tell you what happened with my brother. He had just turned thirty, so my partner and I decided to move to a penthouse in the center. To share expenses, his little brother also came to live with us. The truth is not known and well, I was a little hesitation the idea. But I decided I had to open my mind, because ultimately, that guy could be my brother over time. It was a good way to start the year.

The first time I saw him, I was pleasantly surprised, the guy had 25 years and was very, very cute, had a spectacular body plus a very suggestive voice. I felt an enormous tingle when I presented my partner. I remember I was wearing tight jeans that made a spectacular ass, and tight shirt he stood his pecs, you could tell he was a guy who worked his body in the gym.

Gradually we gained confidence between the two and often watched him as looking at online dating sites, and I thought a boy needed not surf the web to find someone suggestive.

One day we were alone, so I decided it was time to cause a little. No thought liarme with him, but I thought that I would love to stay surrendered to my feet. I was very suggestive a short, low-heeled booties that will help enhance my figure, and tight top. Quickly note like that look struck my brother.

I went to the room where he was watching TV, I got together with him and bent down to pick up an object on the floor. You could say I put my butt in front of his face. When I got up, I looked at him and gave him a smile. It was a way to give the green light to play with me, but that action had seemed paralyzed, basically knew that he loved.

Suddenly I looked him straight in the eye and as a real wolf in heat I said, ‘Do not say anything, is there anything you do not like me?’. The faltering voice said to me ‘you will, you’re a beautiful woman, but you are my brother’s girlfriend’. I laughed a lot and I said ‘good since we will be family, would be ideal if we knew a little more, do not you think?’

I turned my gaze directly to your package and saw that it was getting really hard, ‘Your soldier is quite restless, you let me look at it?’. My husband’s brother was immobilized, so I approached him, and unzip his pants. It was only in briefs and your package was huge, so I started to tocárselo.’Que slut you are, I love what you’re doing, ‘said my brother.

My brother in law as it was masturbating, started kissing my neck as tightly grabbed my breasts. I followed and jerk and at any given moment, I stood up and offered my pussy very wet to quench your thirst. He as good licking puppy started sucking it in an incredible way.How well did the very damn! I did not want to stop, I was going completely mad.

Then I came to orgasm, so it had to be so careful reward guy, so I started to eat his member to the bottom, up, down and up inside. He ran quickly, often as stiff trunk tenía..Y I ate all his saladito juice, was extraordinary! My brother was totally dedicated to my feet.

The two are quite excited, so I put on all fours to give me a good rush. So huge that thing was making me more slut than ever. His cock went in and completely out of my vagina. The feeling was magical and we quickly run us back to almost the same instant.

We still had more strength to continue, so my brother decided to play with my ass, petite gave me kisses on my bum … Some amazing black kiss, perfectly lubricated that area. When I least expected it, my brother entered me and although initially bothered me a little, the boy did so well that my back was completely gone. I was going crazy.

This was my first experience with my brother, we still sporadic meetings and always have a wild and fun component. The family is something to conserve and care …

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