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Story: An expected STRIPTEASE- Part 1

Finally tonight one of my erotic fantasies fulfilled, because I always wanted to dance like a stripper. After gathering some money I hired a woman who is a professional dancer at a strip club in my city. I did not want my husband learned of my decision because he wanted to be a surprise for him. For two months, three times a week, I was preparing for the occasion; when my husband went to work, he came the dancer because I asked him to come every day at 10:30 a.m. and I wanted it in our apartment teach me the movements of a stripper; The meeting lasted until 1:30 p.m. as my husband usually always have lunch at a nearby restaurant instead of his office and therefore, I could have free time without worrying that they found out what he had planned.
The dancer was a very attractive brunette, about 25 years at most, very slender body with large breasts, a voluminous ass and very shapely legs. The first day, the sound of music, she started dancing and I tried to keep up. At first I was very difficult because I am very negated for dancing but I wanted to achieve my fantasy and I struggled a lot because he wanted to please my husband. Little by little was taking her rhythm to dance and could be ready for my big night thanks to session after session I struggled the most in my learning.
The first thing the dancer began to teach me was the sensual movement my waist and hips. We practiced for hours and days. He is looking forward to his arrival as she taught me to move my body sinuously to rotate my hips, moving my arms and hands, to use voluptuous body movements.
We worked in the bedroom of our apartment, which was a metal bar in the middle of place, as a beam that held the roof slab. Our room is big, there is good space, has mirrors on the ceiling, paintings of half-naked because two of us always wanted to have some paintings as well in our bedroom; the bathroom is also very large with a huge tub which we use very often. In one corner we put the sound equipment and the space the dancer started giving me lessons striptease.
Each time he came to give me the lesson used to change clothes in our room, in front of me. To do so, he removed all except the small panties covering her bulging vulva; It seemed natural and fresh, not caring that I observed her big tits topped some small dark nipples. He wore a set of lycra, light green, very close to the body that made her look very sexy. He said that classes should take them barefoot because the movements on the bar so warranted. I, for my part, I was prepared for the occasion: always wore short shorts, a wide shirt and light to make me feel comfortable and after two or three sessions stopped using brassier.
As I said, at first we focus on achieving the basic movements of dance, to follow a routine; then, with the passing of the sessions she was telling me how to cling to the bar and contort my body on it. Since I confessed my surprise was to do a strip tease my husband, at first allowed me to retain my short to execute the movements in the bar but then said I should take it off and maneuvering just with my panties position, shirtless with my bare breasts to the air, it was getting used to me.
I followed his instructions and undressed. To start performing exercises on the bar, I was a little shy because felt like my big breasts moved from side to side to move with force, but I think she caught my mood as – saying nothing – undressed completely and he began to show me the secrets of his profession stripper.
She did not seem to mind – as was customary – open and show their shaved vulva while executing a turn in the bar; when he opened his legs, as if hypnotized, my eyes were diverted to your vagina or to your ass and I must say the show excited me; the truth, at first, when he told me to repeat the movement executed by it previously gave me some regret having to open my legs and she could glimpse my hairy vulva in the soft fabric panties. However, I gradually overcame my apprehension and I myself suggested the work without panties so get used to handling the bar and the contact of the same with my whole body. At my suggestion, she agreed and from that session the two were working naked.
When it was my turn to work in the bar and contort my body on the metal, I noticed that the eyes of my teacher never left my hairy vulva and wasted no minor detail when before his term was to open my legs or bend down while grabbing my arms – hard – the piece of pipe.
Needless to say that this situation electrified me and on more than one occasion I think she noticed my excitement, especially when he had a chance to touch my body to correct any position; once, I still back to her and leaning with both hands on the tube, I suggested that I bend down and open my legs; I obeyed his command and I could see how she approached me, knelt behind me, grabbed my thighs and opened to its full extent, correcting my posture; then he lowered his head and I could feel his gaze fell on my open vulva, which immediately licked.
When it was his turn to teach some movement, I could not take my eyes off her swaying tits and showing her open vulva, in all its splendor, intimate folds. She seemed to like my embarrassment, that betrayed me, because I began to imagine what it would lick her vaginal cave while my hands clung to her big tits.
Suddenly, one morning, without warning, it happened: she was correcting one of the tested positions gripping the metal bar and apparently could not contain himself as one of his hands began to shamelessly rub my dark vulva. At that time, I was practicing contortion of my body, firmly entrenched feet on the floor and my head and torso turning back, taking as the metal tube, which made my hirsute project forward pubis. I felt her hand through my vulva and soon after one of his fingers was introduced inside my hungry vagina. I tried to put up the best I could in that position as he felt her hands took possession of my vulva and as they were now employing several fingers in my waterlogged introducing vagina and moving quickly into a movement of insertion and removal. It was then that I began to experience waves of pleasure and I got to scream loudly when, suddenly, I felt her tongue began to fidget with my swollen clitoris.
No more holding the position I was in, I began to bend my knees and legs and I went down my body until I was lying on the floor; she followed my movement without letting go, clutching my crazed lips clitoris. He had pulled up the hood of skin that covers my clitoris and lips preyed my erectile organ. The pleasure I was feeling was immense, was reaching a climax unimaginable erotic moaning and I asked him did 69 because I wanted back was lavishing caresses me. She began to rotate her body until her vulva was over my face so I could pose my tongue licking his tousled clitoris, thirsty for caresses, and two of my fingers were embedded into the depth of their vagina, starting a fast moving puts and takes that led to emit audible groans of joy.
We were two females thirsty pleasure, licking vulva each other, while breathy sighs denoted paroxysm that we were both approaching.
While my tongue licking her hard clitoris, I concentrated on my own feelings as she – now – imprisoned my nugget between his lips and gave gentle bites; that caress, combined with his fingers working inside my vaginal hole eventually drive me crazy and as madwoman began to have a wonderful orgasm; my spasms led me to increase the pace of my licks, heard his groans urging me to follow in my blowjob, and moments later my efforts were rewarded to feel my lover spilled and, like me, your liquid flowed down his vaginal opening and I enjoyed the taste of her intimate juices.
Both met, we stood for a moment as we were, she laid on me while recobrábamos breath. That was wonderful and from that day – while it lasted my briefing – there were several sexual encounters I had with a wonderful female.

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