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Erotic Story:

Carolina launched an insinuating above the screen to your boss look. Martin had found a thousand and one excuses to visit her this week. Flirting level rose as the days passed, and the desire to back the move to Miguel, after the session of the weekend, gave wings to be more bold and direct.

Each night, he recalled the feeling of helplessness and frustrated desire. Each time you masturbated, relived again and again the brutal orgasm that was over the bondage session. Miguel owed a little suffering. A little revenge.

Now it would be a matter of time and some luck to carry out his plan: Martin was right where he wanted, and was sure he would not hesitate to participate in the game. There was always good chemistry between them, but Carolina had kept a safe distance. Not only to respect the old and useful policy not to mix work and pleasure, but because Martin had certain … reputation.

Carolina did not need much time to show his cards.

Wednesday night had to stay working on some designs well into the night. I thought there would be no one in the office when Martin came up with a couple of cafes. He came very close to’d just fucking on the table in his office, but she stopped him at the right time.

You know I have a partner.

Martin had shrugged.

‘I’m jealous I reply, pulling her skirt over her thighs to discover the hooves of his league.

I was intrigued by how Martin had touched. A touch of porcelain, soft and gentle on your skin, so different from the steady hands of Miguel. It would be interesting to compare the same time.

Then you will not mind that if we fuck, Miguel is present.

Direct attitude disconcerted Carolina Martin, but only for a second. The carefully he observed with blue eyes, as if to wait for confirmation of the truth of his words. She held his gaze without hesitation and spread her legs, inviting, showing her sex. Not wearing underwear, as Miguel had commanded him. Martin smiled a crooked smile that implied I understood perfectly: the game would be three bands. He did not touch her again, and nodded wordlessly. He drank coffee slowly, with the fixed view between her thighs, and only threw a question.


-The Friday she replied.

They did not need more. After that, Martin stopped looking for excuses to go see it. Based on looks and small friction, both confirmed that the invitation still stood.

Miguel agreed to include it, it was something they had already spoken between them. One of the many fantasies they planned to meet together. It was only wait.

On Friday they went to the drink after work. There was no hurry and Martin talked to everyone as always. Masterfully, they devoted a little time to leave Carolina looking for last. They had already gone almost everyone when Miguel found them leaning against the bar.

You’re Michael, right? -Martin Showed an overwhelming security, and Carolina hid a smile at the clash of these two alpha males. Miguel shook hands with decisiveness and slid his fingers possessively on hip Carolina.

-Hello Martin.

None of the three was too eager to talk. Carolina Miguel perceived stress, radiating sexual energy that strange forever. Martin knew little in that aspect, but while they were in the taxi on the way to his apartment, it was clear that he was aroused. He checked when a hand on his fly. That promised.

He brought them into his small studio. His hand decorator could be seen in the environment. Pure lines and very light colors, which however gave a sense of warmth.

‘Another drink? he offered, shedding his jacket and heels on his way to the kitchen. The two men nodded. Carolina told them the couch. Martin sat down, resting the heel on one knee and extending your arms over the back. Miguel stood. It seemed to study the situation.

Carolina handed him a whiskey with ice to Michael and kissed him on the lips. He brushed his mouth with his tongue, tasting the bitterness of malt, and ran his fingers through his shirt and pants up. It was also in erection, but went to Martin, left his glass on the side table and sat on her thighs.

He continues where he left off on Wednesday ‘I challenged. Miguel felt eyes fixed on his neck and turned to him.

Come on, Michael.

I prefer it to look ‘he said, running his finger along the edge of the glass vessel. Carolina smiled. Miguel was a voyeur par excellence. Together they had seen several times to other couples have sex and knew that excited him, but Carolina wanted to go a step further. In addition, he had to carry his little revenge.

‘Just look at? According he conceded, rising from the lap of Martin to get his bag. But you will from here.

He said one of the leather chairs that accompanied the couch. Miguel sat on her and motioned for him back with Martin. But Carolina slowly shook his head. It is missing something important.

No Miguel. I have to make sure that only look, remember? She pulled from her purse a pair of handcuffs hinge. Long time not used. Miguel smiled, remembering their first meetings and adopted the usual position with his hands behind him, around the back.

Carolina handcuffed him, but now did not need to meet the other rule that had begun to play: no touching. So he ran his fingers through Michael’s arms, opened his shirt buttons and began stroking his chest. He sank yolks in your muscles. It was addictive. Martin made the threat of up to join them, but Carolina glared at him.

Stay where you are. Now I take care of you.

First Miguel had to leave the brink of orgasm. He straddled his legs and clung to him. Her dress climbed her hips, exposing her sex.

You’ve you met Miguel murmured, feeling her bare crotch.

Every day -confirmó Carolina.

-The Scent was maddening ‘said Martin, surprising them both. He could identify the mix of your perfume and your sex in any corner of the office.

Carolina turned to him. Martin looked at her with blue eyes closed, lips parted in a decadent gesture, and entertaining hands unbutton his pants. She began to move about the erection of Miguel, but could not take his eyes off Martin, who showed his erect penis and began to masturbate in front of them. Carolina was fascinated with the vision of the rhythmic movements of his hand and realized he was moving at the same rate on Miguel, who panted excitedly.

It took his eyes off Martin, but had to deal with the man who was waiting between her thighs. He undid one by one the buttons Cowboys Miguel, brushing deliberately knuckles his penis tense, ran his fingers over it, pressing and probing, and found beneath the fabric bóxer the glans lubricated. He pressed until it moan again, and Miguel forward to her chest, looking for the contact. That was the signal that Carolina had expected. fingers into his mouth to clean moisture, and shook his head.

No, Miguel. Prefer to watch. Well look.

He pursed his lips and smiled Carolina, perverse. Miguel would die before accepting that he was wrong in his choice, I knew him very well, so he got up, and a few feet away from him, turning his back and facing Martin, she took off her simple black dress. He stood naked in front of them.

No wasting time he observed Martin, who had not stopped at any time to masturbate while enjoying the show between Michael and Carolina. He also appreciated look, but now preferred to take action.

Carolina did not answer, but gave him right back with him. He unbuttoned his shirt with curiosity, discovering a powerful chest, marking and depilated. He pulled down his pants and boxers and found that the rest of his body was equally worked. He enjoyed the feeling of soft skin, so different from that of Miguel.

Martin was left to do, but suddenly, Carolina felt the slide of his fingers, slow and deliberate, on his back. A shiver ran up and down: his body unknown and both react to the touch. Without knowing why, he was excited more than he could imagine. He tried to precipitate a kiss, but Martin controlled the contact gently, taking her to taste his mouth mixed with whiskey, and Carolina was lost in it. His touch made her more aware of rubbing his penis between her labia, and swollen and lubricated, the backs of her hands touching his nipples, and sinuous movements, almost feline, seeking to penetrate. He had already put a condom and Carolina appreciated the gesture. I was so excited route not able to stop, intrigued by the maddening cadence of his pelvis.

Miguel, for a few minutes, was forgotten.

Carolina surrendered to the hypnotist swinging Martin, who despite being under it, ruled the roost. He penetrated only a couple of centimeters and insisted on pressing on the most sensitive area inside. Carolina clung to his biceps as he was carried away. Martin pushed gently until it sank completely. She stood still, settling his size, his eyes fixed on the blue and serene Martin, who held her hips tightly. He began to move slowly and felt her throbbing clitoris Carolina. Inside began to shrink, embracing the erection of Martin, who protested with a groan. It was the signal to increase the pace. Martin’s hips began to move faster, but in large, controlled circles, and let out a scream Carolina. A thumb Martin came to her clitoris and rubbed it gently.

Carolina purred to be dropped into a deep, long and slow orgasm. Pleasure spilled into his body in waves of hot lava. Hardly he realized he had run at the same time and now held her in his arms. The sweetness of the gesture surprised too. I had not expected. The intimacy of the moment overwhelmed her and separated from Martin, remembering that Miguel was watching.

She walked toward him. Erection and Herculean looked angry on her abdomen. She had to fight the urge to ride on it and relieve it. But no. His revenge was just beginning and removed the handcuffs, without touching it.

Martin had finished buttoning his shirt and pull his pants, and the rest of sips drank whiskey. For him it was enough.

Carolina turned to both from the door of the bathroom.

It’s been a real pleasure, Martin.

‘The pleasure has been all mine,’ said he, with a languid satisfaction still dancing in her voice. Miguel said in farewell, accompanied by a complicit nod. He left without saying anything else, after giving Carolina a kiss on the lips. He was an expert in the game. No demands or confused things. It was not cold: it was convenience. Perfect to include in upcoming games third.

In the shower, Carolina smiled when he felt the doorknob of the bathroom. He had closed the door latch. Fifteen minutes later, he could not help but giggle triumphant when he heard the front door close. Miguel finally gone.

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