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Every morning down the subway stairs smiling, with a gleam in his eyes that anyone who crossed, would have liked at that hour of the morning. I wanted to get on the same train every day who came to the office ?? He began to hate the weekends.


As I thought I had five wonderful days ahead, heard her heels in the distance, he looked up and could see how each step down. Stilettos, bright red as would stake my life that she and ?? Bingo! That tight white skirt halfway up the leg he loved. Covering her breast, a red shirt buttoned allowed just enough sense much more, hinting perfect proportions and smooth, delicate skin that seemed to feel in his fingertips. Bob showed off her beautiful neck, he wanted to caress and kiss every time he saw her; the day rather imagine to do anything beyond that.

About to lose the train up quickly and ran to the car. Just before the door closed quickly he came running into her.

– Sorry, I thought I lost the train.

– Did not seem in a hurry sitting on the platform. His eyes seemed very suggestive and James could not help but smile.

During the few five stops that coincided tried not to leave her. He had spiky skin contact and hardened under his pants part of his body that he wanted. I figured she was realizing, but made no move to separate so why do it?

Upon arriving home she collapsed on the sofa and recalled with great intensity those ten minutes with her, feeling close, that look only for him to finally seeing after months had shared. This time he had not imagined, it was sensual, looking for something more than simple words. He undid his pants and sex shared with him the devotion to her. He took his hand toward the glans, covering everything she had caused and would not stop your imagination to recreate over and over again with another end.

Days passed and saw every morning did not speak, but since this morning shared furtive glances that excited him as if they shared more. Suddenly one day he stopped it. During a week that body, that look ?? He had evaporated. It was Saturday, he had been with some friends for breakfast and went to the subway without help but wonder what would have happened. He waited on the platform distracted with the phone, the car arrived and boarded the train. Immersed in the screen without seeing anything concrete, he saw a wonderful smell that was very familiar, he looked up and there he was, sitting beside him.

– Go! I had not seen you all week. Without forgetting that their relationship existed only in his head, he spoke as if they knew of a lifetime. Luckily, I saw a beautiful smile on her perfect face.

She wore her hair, no makeup, a white shirt and jeans. Perfect, it was perfect.

– I’m glad that I’ve missed you. That look and that tone when speaking left no doubt was insinuando.- Also you work on Saturdays?

– No, I eat for breakfast ?? unless I invite you.

He sat up and taking the hand of Jaime, took him with her out of the car just before the doors closed. The platform was deserted, though he would not have minded the number of people who could see how those lips, coated only Vaseline, approached him pushing him against the wall.

– Come with me, this station is very lonely, we eat breakfast here. -Estando So close, Jaime could not believe it was true, perhaps he kept at home dreaming.

They went downstairs and saw in the sink, no, definitely not home. He could barely think, its language is intertwined with hers ?? ?? He could not control his excitement, his desire to touch and inserted in each cache of your body. At that time he decided not to think and act. Now he who would send. She clasped her hands in the soft neck that was taking her to the booth next to him, closed the door and separated a few millimeters, looked at it, ran his fingers through those lips that were now hers and kissed her passionately. She shook her waist against him, wanted him to feel how her sex called and slowly caressed her breasts beneath the shirt. Her nipples were hard waiting for his tongue to taste them soon as I heard a mild and soft moans.

– Feel me ?? I’m ready, I’ve been waiting a long time.

Jaime returned to his mouth and decided to see what it was prepared. He lowered his hand down her abdomen and placed under pants. Moisture wrapped his fingers and shouted for her sex to get out. Before you take the step she was already down his zipper and revealing her passion. Slowly, letting her continue stroking so well as he was doing, he started down the cowboys pushing aside her underwear. I did not want to remove them, they were black, cotton, as he liked, wanted to remember this moment with them on.

– Please feel my walls inside me ?? His gaze was penetrating, therefore they did not wait a second longer.

Fast, with a whirlwind of sensations coursing up and down, drove into her. It was wonderful, these contractions that stimulate his penis, these groans suspirados in his ear, the tongue caressing your skin ?? He broke down and exploded when he heard moaning as higher and stronger shook him.

Almost without realizing it, she opened her eyes and she was already at the door.

– Ehh? wait, at least tell me your name.

– Lorena.

Before disappearing, he looked back and gave her one of those looks that he knew he liked so much ?? and the doors closed. He was alone, still breathing hard, looking forward to meeting her again.

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