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What a woman wants when he comes home after a long day at work? We want peace and quiet, a warm, warmth, tenderness, one that embraced afraid our Yetis. We want to find someone to come home to pamper us more than ever to pay attention to us and to show us how much he loves us.

It’s after nine o’clock at night and I had to scrape ice lush the car windshield, rear and side windows. Ice chips have crept under my gloves entumeciéndome fingers, the cold wind is cast by tiny cracks in my coat and my body froze and before getting into the car, I walked several puddles and I got soaked feet from the tip of my toes to the ankles. I have them soaked socks and leather boots, God forgive me! Why I put my skin?!, They have changed color because of the water and are no longer brown clearly, but dark.

I have taken the heater on full blast during the half-hour journey to have home but all I’ve got to stick with it is even more clothing to the body. Yes, my face is red hot, but my heart is as frozen as the first ice cream awaited summer. My guy and I have that … Nonsense say. We got married two years but from six of dating, the first day of summer were left to release the season with a walk and an ice cream.

We always go to the same store in the neighborhood, everyone asks he likes, we smile as when we first saw before you start out, and then, hand in hand, we go for a walk and eat it. It’s so … It’s so fussy! So romantic! I love summer and no we do not. Brake the car at the last traffic light and obnoxious there before turning to enter my street. Puñetero! I always caught red!

There is nothing more frustrating than being in a hurry and that the elements get in my way. Luckily, I am so anxious to get home to get out of this cold body to receive the cuddling my husband. I’ve written before leaving work and all that I will post was:
~ I’m exhausted.
He answered me with a emoti-smile. So simple are our conversations because we know so well from each other, we’re so confident, we have communicated so well that over the years we know what the other needs even before we ask. I finally parked the car in the garage, get out and head for the elevator. I look forward and go up to my house, our house.

Upon arrival, I put the key, open the door before it opens completely, hear my husband tells me from inside me to stop. Sketch half smile and looked curiously inside. I see that everything is dark and there are only mild flashes yellow waving in the air.
~ Now you can enter!
And I do listen and humidity of my boots resonates in the floor of my house. I came into the room and see a romantic trail of candles you want me to head the hallway leading to the bedrooms and the bathroom.
Obviously the house leads to the heating on since he arrived and it’s hot, but the heat is not that I feel. There is something that warms me and warm me not talk about sexually speaking, but another unique feeling. That feeling of happiness that comforts you, which makes you forget all the negative of the day in a moment … You know what I mean !, right? Right now I feel so comfortable coming home that I can not do more than sketch out the biggest and dumbest of my smiles.

Continuous progress following the trail of candles there on the floor and went into the bathroom. I cross the door and there he is, stuck in the bathtub, ensuring that the water is perfect for when you arrive. Has the neck and lying on the edge eyes closed. Not open even when you know I’m here. He knows that time is not a wild or leering, know what I need is relaxation, affection and tenderness. The best thing for a long winter’s day!

Slowly I’m taking away all the clothes, I casually dropped. My husband is not looking at me and that comforts me. If I look, those eyes would wolf that puts when I want to fuck nonstop, but that’s not what I need right now. When I’m naked I go to the bath and I get to him.

Heat rises from my ankles and spread through my body like a virus, winning each of my cells. I’m resting my back against his chest and hair removal to the side to feel his breath on my neck. And then, just then, I close my eyes and relax like a queen: no worries, no fears, turning off my mind to dive into the sea warmer there. My husband arms around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. I close my eyes and relax happily.

Mmmmm … Mummified in the OFF position a soft murmur of pleasure. I’ve fallen asleep in the water and slowly I’m waking up. You look like the bath water is moving instead of calm.
Aahh ~.
Gimo between unprepared teeth. But what happens? I feel a tingling evening inside my thighs and my legs, which are stretched under water, waddling along the bottom. Mmmmm.

My belly has the skin of spike and I realize that my hands are resting on it. My husband has taken them there while dormidita and subject to both with one hand. The remains gripped by the wrists, two at a time. Without knowing why try to let go but has well clinging, seconds later back to moan with pleasure.
~ Aaahhh!
Slowly I’m realizing what is really happening. These undulations of the surface being caused by a water stream generated in the background. This current caresses my thighs, my stomach goes up and has unleashed its fury in a swirl of feelings that are launched against my clitoris.
~ Aahh! Aahh!
Carelessly cry of pleasure, my body tense and my hip rises from the bottom of the tub. Between a blink and another, I see that there is something that goes into the tub. Where the tap is, the cable holding the shower head is submerged and goes up to me.

When I realize fully that my husband is masturbating me, helping shower, it’s too late. I’m very excited, my nipples are hard and, although my eyelids barely have time to get up, my throat if it has to issue panting more and faster. My husband’s lips adhere to my neck with the same passion that puts a teenager to make its first hickey … Only my guy really knows how to do it!
~ Aahh! Aahh!
Magnificent inner emotions run through me, I feel the water kissing my labia, stroking the entrance to my vagina, giving the perfect pressure on the ball we have all women and that makes, when pressed, squirm with pleasure.
~ Aahh! Aahh!
God rich! I want more! Lust leads me to drop my hands shackle that held under detention. Grabbed her thighs under the warm water and dug her nails with the same force with which I feel my orgasm coming. I love it!
~ Yes! Yes!
I unleashed my head turns from side to side, I bite my lip, my hip is raised again and the water begins to splash around me because of my movements. I run, and arrives!

And immediately, I sink under water with a big smile. When put head, my husband hugs me tight and kisses me on the cheek.
~ I’m going to make some dinner, okay honey?

I nod and murmur so …

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