El pete perfecto le encanta chupar la pija a la rubia




It was a winter afternoon and I had to wait at the bus stop, I was a bit tired and I did not want to be bored there doing nothing. There were 8 people, and I started a little cotillearlas. They say that an exercise in emotional intelligence is very good look at a person and think how your life can be, besides you can always find someone interesting.

That I’m a little thrown, as some of my friends say I look like a real luxury zorrona always ready to catch a good piece, but I was not worth anything. When something raises my curiosity, I’m usually pretty straightforward. I am 29 years so every time I have things clearer.

I did not find anyone to motivate me, until a man came looking like executive, quite attractive, well-dressed 40-somethings. Come on, what is said a “madurito ‘resultón. I never imagined that I would notice an older man, but the truth is that there was nothing better. If any of my friends had told me that I would wind with such a mature man he would have thought they were crazy.

I noticed as he noticed me, which flattered me. Besides, I had someone flirting and so shake off the boredom. He began to pace back and forth and agreed with me every time I looked down at first and then in the face. She was very attractive, a brown jacket, a white shirt, tight jeans with black boots above the knee and some heels. Warrior liked my look and I think the boots and my face what had crazy, so one of the times he looked at me, smiled quietly and he answered me in the same way.

Each time you crossed me, we looked and we smile we very carefully, as if we do not want anyone to know what we were doing. I decided to engage him in conversation. To dial a little distance, I turned to him and you sensed that he antagonized the gesture. And I warned that I am a little zorrona and I love to take command of any conversation or seduction.

I asked if he knew how often buses passed, which I knew well. He answered me in a very friendly and safe way, which I liked. His voice was very manly and strong, and transmitted power envelope. Generally many guys get to shake when a beautiful woman speaks to them.

We talked until the bus arrived. I have to say that a pretty good complicity between us was generated. I had an interesting conversation and increasingly seemed more attractive. You know, that time or moment when something inside you that tells you that liándote end up with him.

We caught the end of the bus, which was pretty empty and continue talking. Each word we escaped hands, I touched her knee and held my hands. It was clear that the game of seduction was buzzing.

Suddenly the ‘older man’ came over on me and tried to kiss me. No I was going to put so easy, so I withdrew my face. I looked with defiant face and he laughed. He continued kissing me gently by the neck and yes I was enjoying. My defenses are down and I got carried away. Whole body was bristling and just giving us a good snog. I noticed that my thong was soaked, I was horny lost.

He dropped his pants, I ducked his head and forced me give head. It was a very morbid feeling, felt like the bus was moving and people came up to him. Heard giggling, damn bastard was making me feel like a real whore. The idea might seem a bit humbling but I loved everything that was happening.

His cock was hard and quite large. As I reveled in that piece of phallus, he pulled the zip down the trousers and began to masturbate. My God was so excited I felt like part of my vaginal juice expanded by my English. We both ran almost simultaneously, there were some teenagers who were looking at us with faces of sarcasm. The show was amazing.

We got off the bus and he invited me to his home. Upon arrival, pulled down my pants again, I pulled the thong and began to penetrate while whipping my ass, that bastard bufff as I was cane. I have character but something told me to betray me to him. His cock went in and out with ease and with his hands touched my breasts were increasingly sharp.

I just finished running and no time to rest, I knelt before him and made me suck his cock, note as he ran and put my face full of their milk so manly.

Once just he grabbed me and hugged me gently. After a while I decided to go, what a adventure had, those of which are not forgotten, when or where you least expect it, something amazing can happen, you decide when friend. So we are modern women of the century. Only one thing I forgot to ask, and it was his name. I baptized him as my special George Clooney.

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