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A note of porn:

As he prepared for bed Maria Jose that night, not
I hoped it would, as always undressed, put on short camisolín
summer, still felt sore and feeling her vagina penetration
lingered, he went to bed, turned on the TV., as always put one of the films
passed by cable, which always served as a lullaby to fall asleep,
but contrary to what happened for a while, Ricardo entered the
bedroom and began to undress, almost a month remained below the
TV room. or with the computer and went to bed long after her, but that
Not tonight, rare coincidence.

Ricardo got into bed and as always did when he was
like making love, one arm José María attracted to him, with the other
hand began to fondle her breasts, putting his arm under the jowl.

She froze, because really after all this time
I did not expect this, I felt deep disgust and hate not know what to do if
reject or invent an excuse, but it was like lightning flashed through his mind,
So it was was just the other side of revenge initiated !,’s penis
her husband, entered the place where she was emptying his semen and other
man, and a member!, that kind of man !, that was just the supreme fear
hypocrites as Ricardo, the mere fact imagine your wife’s vagina
penetrated by the other, he had embarrassed, gave them panic because it was being cuckolded
The other thing, of poor wretches who would drag the cross forever

He played along, but as always, she was the
merely passive subject and only spread her legs to facilitate
penetration, this time wanted him to know that something had changed, this time
one of his hands went into action, addressed to the member who was already semi
erect, he began to grasp it, first down the foreskin, leaving uncovered
the glans, as he did, José María compared the sizes of the penis
He began to take consistency and the pimp who had taken hours before and
directed to your vagina, the balance was very unfavorable to her husband during
years had thought as much and all was what Richard, smiling at her
Inside he realized that this was also part of the punishment of that liar and
hypocrite, that’s the rage, anger and disgust, excited.

He thinks excited her tits stroking her husband, were
the same that had been inspected by the owner of the brothel
fucking start work the next morning, the nipples
now irritated fingers had already felt the pimp would be in
later his ruffian excited her think her image before her husband was still in
holy matron, intended to be the base of pristine Catholic home, was a
prostitute, who had already picked up and free to try, which penetrated
Ricardo was a dirty shell of a whore, his excitement mixture of hatred and
revenge grew.

He did not let him climb on her missionary position,
It was she who got was she who led the penis to her vagina, she was the
Now he knew, rode penetrated by the smallest member, was she who
put one of her breasts in his mouth (as seen in the video), it was
who he pumped riding, to have your orgasm, without her being satisfied
matter what went down with her husband surprised that embarrassed could not manage
to understand what had happened, she was, which when finished and climaxed
when he ejaculated also simply without a word she started her
side of the bed and fell asleep almost instantly, that night he slept in
peace …

Ricardo just did not know what happened, behavior
Maria Jose, was amazing, had stunned, but had obtained
pleasure and hypocritical supreme trauma had no religion, sin and
all that paraphernalia, it was for others, subordinates, common,
he had to master, had found the vagina also different, as if
I had been very open when it had always been close, had been
as macerated soft, but all that did not worry him, he knew from experience that
women had weird things sometimes, soon to fall asleep,
facility is very good and also the villains.

He sent the children to school, with a kiss on the cheek
Ricardo, his mere touch repelled her, but it was becoming a
excellent actress, which would need in times to come …

He dressed, I doubt they wear, but thought all
ways, that does not matter, because it should be removed to get to his “work”
He opted out pants, wide, a light jacket (it was hot), and after
giving instructions to domestic, saying that would not come to lunch because he had
meeting with a church group, he came out, went to the garage, but before
arrived, and rightly thought that his car could be recognized in the
red zone, which would put her in a compromising situation, as part of any
the situation was secrecy, he decided to take a meter.

He walked up the avenue, he passed the commercial library,
It followed, then retraced his steps, went into that business, bought a notebook
leather-bound (the type used to keep a diary), emerging
passing an empty taxi, he waved and took it.

On the trip, he had a bit of apprehension, might bring him
the new day ?, against what or who should face ?, was afraid, hesitated, thought
it was still time, I could stop everything and go home, that
pretend that nothing had happened, after all his life was privileged,
but the video images and conversations with the young lawyer and Ana
they returned to their conscious, lies and hypocrisy instilled in him and
they did suffer all his life, the notion of sin, the Catholic girls
decent, the sacredness of the family, religion and Jesus groped again
crucified for falsehood, evil that twisted his legacy, the
Ricardo powerful and, with that special smile that lit his face,
ejaculating on women’s breasts, Ana sinful and thrown farewell
of your home, this fundamentalism, corruption, Catholic notables,
all that reaffirmed its willingness to move forward, hatred and desire for revenge
It was again the driving force, gritting his teeth with rage.

He turned his eye on, he saw the driver, the was
looking in the rearview mirror, with those eyes of desire as men
to look at a woman that is not theirs and that certainly would like
seduce, their hatred also addressed them, because they were also guilty,
because the culture of the macho society had well educated, women object
and no person, wife to carry the home, the family, with children,
strange woman to desire, to corrupt, to seduce, and unconsciously to
excite desire and do something I could never get as revenge,
He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, so he could see more of
her breasts, as distracted leaned forward to see that place
transiting, the poor guy got a dazzling vision of those beautiful
boobs, never, ever be for him. (Unless you have the money
enough to buy sex, which certainly did not, because
it was expensive, very expensive).

Upon reaching his destination, he paid the corresponding observed that
poor taxi driver’s face was red, congested, amused, with joy

He pressed the button on the intercom, identified and
acceded to the brothel, in the same reception girl the day before, you
He motioned to continue the hallway to the rooms.

The first door, was where office work
responsible for the “girls” whose duty was to organize shifts and
parades for customers to choose, in addition to security -in which were
very estrictos-, he invited her.

By accessing saw was small, there was a desk and several
chairs, a computer with items on another small table. The man
was presented, said – my name is Carlos, please sit down, I’m the manager,
have any problem must go to me, your duty is
strictly fulfill the schedule, because we planned work,
respect of customers, you should do what they tell you, with logical limitation
that abnormal things like violence, that are not allowed in the case of
a client to pass on either side of the bed, there are bells that call
panic, if oppress, instant security personnel will be on your
room, but I recommend you be careful with that, do not do any
thing, you must be in the common waiting room with the girls when they
customers have to deal with, available for the parade for customers,
during working hours, you have to be wearing only the clothes you
provide, without underwear, in the parade that is when I give the signal,
you must enter, turn around and crouch a bit, so you look good and
then go to the common room. Customers know your price at the time
raisins, because it is the receptionist that the saying goes (varies girl
Girl), that is the minimum price, if customers want to give you something, it’s for
you, you got us no accountability. It may be that a customer will ask you
directly, in that case you receive in your room without parade in
the customer is king room, so pay and pay much, this is not a
cheap accommodation if the customer wants you to bathe with him, you bathe, if
asks you to put in a certain way, you do, if you ask oral sex,
do, if you ask the ass, well that is in you, they can not force you, some
others do not because it hurts, but if you do what is cobras more
for you, if they ask you to put on all fours, you do, if you ask for a
certain position you prune not deny, sometimes going out with other
girls to private parties, in that case we take you and bring you and
We provide security, that pays twice, here we do not do drugs or
girls or clients, in case one wants to, call us not
we have problems with the police, that good pesos per month cost us,
cleaning the room and changing the bed linen makes staff
between customers, a question ?, Once you have the rule does not work but
we pay a basic, you stay at home. At the end of every day you are paid
what you did … ah! There is a fee for the drinks that are made on your
room, now you go through your doctor, you will review, if I forget
something you girls informan.-

Maria Jose, heard all that, but it was like it was,
she was out on the roof watching and listening, but his body
He sat at the desk, not a person felt it was
goods for sale, in that place there was no place for human feelings,
but that was his choice and should, it was required to do …

He finished the interview with the manager, addressed the
nursing, which was completely installed, had a stretcher and an armchair
gynecological, the doctor asked her to completely undress, which he did, was
visually reviewed with thoroughness, his armpits, sex, anus, feet,
then he drew blood to analyze and asked you sit on the couch
gynecological, which made leaving so with legs apart, one on each
beside the chair and raised on the footrest.

Gloves, made him pelvic exam, which Joseph and Mary
all women caused him some printing, so as always
out in consultation with your doctor, he rested his neck on the headrest
Closing his eyes, he took his finger from her vagina, but immediately introduced
a conical cold metal object, then that thing out as a liquid
gelatinous you will, heard the voice of the doctor who told him he was a
lubricant, spermicide and should be antiseptic solution before and
after serving the customer, after douching, which would give it along with
applicator, her eyes still closed saw that there was movement
professional and so they remained in the same position, he felt puzzled that
It was something penetrating the warm but hard, opened her eyes and saw the man
standing before her between her legs his member introducing him in the vagina,
He looked into her eyes and simply said, – This is welcome – making a
Lift shoulders and continued pumping until ejaculate inside the vagina.

José María totally surprised, only managed to smile at
It occupant and closed his eyes, thinking – Total’m a whore …

At the end of the doctor, he went to a cupboard, brought a sacbe,
cut the plastic applicator he was at the top and introduced it in
vagina, squeezing so that the liquid inside out with pressure,
I kept the pressure on the upper lips, to avoid spilling the
liquid, put a container under José María, then I extracted the insert,
dropping all the liquid mixed with the semen left earlier by the physician, in the
interior – is a douche – she explained, with a towel dried part
sex outside of freshly washed, – Vestite, everything is ready – said before
Maria Jose is going, he delivered a spray – this you got to get in
in the vagina before and after each client – he asked what kind of
used contraception, she said that neither he, then gave him a box,
indicating that the start taking after the period (which could use
according to his calculations in a week, so, according to the Japanese Ogino I was
infertile period) that if customers wanted (some do, but others do not)
He will use condom and turned to start making blood testing
drawn above.

Maria Jose, went to the room that had him
He assigned, turned to undress, he chose one of the transparent gowns that
They had given him, which was very sexy, transparent with embroidery, black,
he put the clothes in the closet and wallet, leaving one bound notebook
from their shelves and left the room, heading for the common room …

María José tried not to think too much, afraid his mind
rebel, to tell him it was over what was happening, she was still
a good person, it was not right to be raped and she consented, that
his education, he was again convincing in sin, mortal sin, she
He followed his steps automatically, as if she was not, was being
empty …

He reached the common room, in the same there were eight girls,
all very beautiful, beautiful, the blonde had, one was Hannah, brunettes and
even a Japanese (a beautiful biscuit), greeting and was greeted by all.

Seeing Ana ran to her and hugged her. All were
dressed similarly, with gowns in different colors, all

He began to talk to Ana, but before saying much,
the manager came and gave the signal for the parade, and there were men in the
room …

They began to march, when it came his turn, José María
He entered the room, walking suggestively, moving his hips, not
exaggerated but enough to make your way out erotic feline in
armchairs were eight men, from the most varied ages, young, mature,
frankly some old, some nice, some not so attractive and I saw
as lúbricamente eyes rested throughout it, which were set in their
tits and sex, he turned and ducked briefly, sat up and
he went into the common room, watching the men ran to look
the receptionist stating the price, the price of it was tall, very expensive.

Back in the common room, which was spacious with armchairs, a table
chairs, a little bar that had coffee maker, a refrigerator, glasses,
cups, waited for the election, when the manager told them to eight of the
nine to go to their rooms and prepare for customer Mary
Joseph was one of them.

He reached his room, sat on one of the chairs of the
living room, waiting for their first payment client because, he thought, that so far
all he had done is to give free samples.

They knocked on the door and Maria Jose got up to open it, and
I was expecting a middle-aged, pleasant-faced, wearing
premium clothing (the same brand used Ricardo, he thought), income,
led to the chairs where he invited him to sit down (well not know what to do,
how to treat a customer).

They both sat in the chair of three bodies, he looked at
Man, do not know what to say, then said, well you tell your preferences (
I tutearlo preferred, although it will take some years, and I try to induce
what would be the behavior of an experienced prostitute), the client,
He grinned and asked, does the first time ?, she nodded, he
said, this calls for a celebration, I have the scoop, though for the price something
I had to guess, I ordered champagne and it’s good and some snacks.

He was so nice, she immediately began a
conversation, she asked, How do you do ?, He said he was holder
an investment company traded, who always came to that place because it was the
more luxurious, safe, with the most beautiful women had been widowed a year ago
back and still he did not want nor could engage in any serious relationship because I did not
mood, but as he had always been hot and had sexual needs
urgent, he preferred to pay to have no compromise.

He came the champagne and caviar delicious sandwiches,
herring and other delicacies, all expensive, very expensive, they were chatting
animatedly as friends, until she noticed and invited him to

He came first, who threw on camisolín pulled
comfortable, he stared at it and said, – For God that you’re beautiful – she
I hit a turn on itself and asked – do you like? -, He leaned on

He began a desperate undress him, took off his shoes,
pants, tie, shirt and thrown all the clothes without order
above where she had left her garment, she was smiling so
trouble and appreciate the body of a man was very well maintained, did not have a
gram of fat on your waist or abdomen, a harmonious body and very masculine,
when he pulled the boxer, he could see a member neither too large nor too small,
harmonious, beautiful, in a state of erection very interesting with something she
I had never seen, … was circumcised.

I will lay down beside her, pulled her in his arms,
they kissed on the mouth, long and gently, he began to explore and
Gently caress, all without trouble, so your hand granted to those beautiful breasts
firm and hard, its very bristling and erect nipples, his hand continued to
down, through the soft belly, jumped to his legs, his knees, his
thighs, then back to the breasts, again he began to fall very slowly,
by desire, sparking passion, excitement in her …

She drifted, while continuing the long kiss and
deep, with languages ​​invading and were invaded, his hands caressed the
neck, torso, abdomen, thighs, and got up again to start
again, in a game that are so subtle, beautiful and exciting might have
lasted forever …

Until finally one of his explorations, his hand
pubic hair brushed, continued down until the clitoris, which was
Very gently caressed, triggering tremors in her desire, that touch the
He sublimated, put it in the clouds, pulled, that excitement, led to a
only place in the universe, they, made abstraction
However, there was no longer for him the pain or the pain of the loss of his beloved wife,
did not exist for her personal drama, it was all excitement and desire, the two
They were one that struggled receiving and giving pleasure. Pure sex …

Her hand came to the penis, clung very soft,
ethereally, he walked slowly in its entirety, pausing
curiosity in the glans, which was different from all penises (just yet) that
She knew. He loved his soft, tanned skin, followed up the testicles, which
excitement were glued to base member, the poll felt with
infinite care, wiping his finger almost untouched …

They were in love that game a long time, until
she separated her face from him, breaking the kiss and was as infinite,
I kissed every part of his body as he descended, stopped at his nipples,
to each of the kiss and nibbled gently, then grazed his navel, his
stomach, until the penis, which first kissed and then into his mouth,
first the glans and then trunk, playing his tongue with his head. The
language juice in an upright torso, slowly passed (barely touching), along
artery that runs through the member up to the scrotum, for
up and down movements that seemed eternal to him …

All this delight took both to a state of supreme
excitation maximum before preorgasmo and orgasm, which is precisely the
termination sex party, sex is a stage in which everything is momentum,
does not matter anything but the sensations and pleasure, was news to
Maria Jose had never felt such ecstasy, never with her husband and less with the
pimp. (The doctor did not, as she had been a mere container).

He did not object when he interrupted the oral examination
Joseph and Mary started it their own way in her body, down
it gently, kissed her ears, her neck, came to the teats,
He dedicated to them, kissed them, put them fully into his mouth and sucked,
gently biting her nipples, causing Mary Joseph waves of ecstasy and
tremors and pleasure – waves coming from their sex and their tetas- that
he produced as a short circuit, unbearable pleasure, then ran his tongue
the belly, the navel, and down he found the pubic hair short and
soft, then with the clitoris, swollen erect played there a long time, in
very soft, circulatory, movements leading to inflammation of the same
higher levels, Maria Jose flying, was in heaven, the pleasure was
infinity, it was pure sex, flame, burning fire, his mind was only enjoyment
and pleasure.

Maria Jose climaxed deep, convulsive body
shook, everything was climax, he noticed his face and tongue that explosion, these
contraction of sex, he continued his work as the earthquake lasted …

After her release, she stood still, eyes
closed and a while (time does not count), the open saw that he was
He is looking at his face, reveling in their expression of abandonment and pleasure.

He returned to have that one feels tenderness man
He gives pleasure to the woman he loves. (I did not remember ever having held, except for
his beloved wife).

He waited for her recovery, it will go that far
sensitivity throughout the body that women have an orgasm after
deep, in which only a small touch can disturb, perturb, bring
displeasure (Only the experts know this love and respect).

When she took him in her arms, mounts, her hand
Leading the penis penetration, which was instant and came to the total background
and he was full, full, happy, he began to move up and down,
adorable danced while her breasts against his face, every movement.

It was light, ethereal, he heaved her hips
more and more penetration. In the vagina, sweet, warm, hospitable, that
resumaba honey, feels that feeling of complete and utter possession woman
penetrates, excitement top, penis invaded by blood pressure reaches its
maximum size, the testes harden and stick to the base member
almost be part of it.

José María not only had recovered from her orgasm, had
obtained a degree of excitement as above, that being penetrated
so, feeling her nipples brushing over his mouth, it makes reaching
back to preorgasmo feels that she again was all sex and vagina,
world turned to concentrate on his crotch, he returned to orgasmar, strong, very
strong while he squirts in the middle of a supreme climax inside.

Falls on his body, even being penetrated, feeling
inside this wonderful member and lots of hot sperm, is
stick to it, for a very long time, both were satisfied, grocery stores,
happy …

He was amazed, amazed by this woman who still had in
Inside his small member would never have come to mean so much pleasure
by a woman he is paid, he had not caught, he had made love,
thing that he had forgotten had not done since his wife had
sick a long time before he died …

Answered the phone, the manager said they had already
accomplished much more than two hours to which he was entitled, he told him not
care would pay whatever was necessary to commission and to bring coffee and
something sweet to eat, another shift would stay … more

They stood naked in bed, talking and speaking, you
He told his life and his love for the longed wife, she snatches of what had you
happened (without names) and their determination, leaving him dazed again, that
woman was different, amazing, it was so beautiful, so intelligent, so female …

They returned to making love, sweet and passionate way, then
to spend nearly another two hours, he began to dress, while still
talking in a conversation and confidences intimate feelings, dumps
between two strangers to meager four hours ago …

He finished dressing and sorrow (he had stayed for
always beside the woman, then it should have been eternal), but
were waiting for his sentence and the world would again weigh on his shoulders,
He started to leave …

We’ll walk naked to the door, he noticed that his threads
cum running down her thigh and felt again that sense of possession,
tenderness and joy he’d had with his wife, his sweet wife longed.

Before leaving and at the door, he pulled out a business card and
said, that was available, that anything I needed, not
Feel free to call or come to your office, but you can be sure he
again, perhaps sooner course and left …

She began the routine imposed on him, made a
douching, then the liquid was inserted, which was communicated by phone
Free again, but before he had opened the leather-bound notebook
started the same, with dates and times, details, and did not the
nice stockbroker, but before the pimp and the doctor …

He turned to take another jowl, went to the common room,
for another client, considering the broker and pleasure with
obtained not produced by revenge or resentment but something else sweet,
compromising ……

There were still four hours to finish the first day of

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