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One summer night in 2006, wore normal and boring
until my cell phone rang and it was my cousin invited me, or rather, me
forced to accompany him, he had an appointment with two sisters and a friend needed
with one out. Obviously gladly accepted his offer and I mounted my
car and headed to the meeting.

One was blond, tall, measured as 1.70, and busty
buttocks rich, with a wide white skirt and a shirt with a neckline that was
show off their beautiful front.

The other supposedly sister was tall too, but
brunette with a look of great whore, black pants completely
transparent, which belied its beautiful and tiny thong, a pair of
unforgettable breasts, long hair, curly, black obviously.

They are sisters? I later learned that they were half-sisters,
but I will not mind too much.

We were in a disco-bar, but my cousin felt inhibited
so fucking his companion looked and asked get out of the bar, and all
We ignored her request clear that no explanation was given more than
He wanted to leave the site. I thought I wanted to go get, I guess women
Also, I did not know what kind of knowledge or friendship had my cousin with
girls, but I had not had any approach with my blonde ….. then
I accelerated and once in the car without preamble and snuggled me directing my hands
her tits also put my mouth to his, and kissed and kissed me, and accepted my
groping on her tits. But strangely my cousin led the way to the house
the girls and left them there, without more, but I saw that, I asked him the
phone to the blonde, and gave it to me.

Once alone my cousin told me that he felt inhibited by
the brunette whore what looked and chose to get out of the play, asked forgiveness
for ruining my pickup, which said it did not matter, it was okay.

Sometime later, I called the blonde on the phone and invited her
to leave, but she replied that it was not me who liked it, actually
was my cousin who appealed to him. I became offended him, but I reiterated my
invitation to leave, and she agreed on condition that I did not try anything
with her because she preferred my cousin …… and I gladly accepted.

I went to his house, we found it and got into my
car, she wondered where the lead, whether for dinner or perhaps a bar, and I
I told him to show my maturity and it was not jealous and that was not
offended take her to see my cousin, total, she liked it and …….
He accepted.

I knew it would happen, she did not confess as
then, and I prayed to find my cousin at home …….. could not confirm
because his phone was off and had no landline at home ……..

We arrived and luckily it was he did not know how he would react,
it was sometimes sanctimonious, other was a lack of control, or I missed everything and the blonde or
….. he received us and welcomed us.

We sat in the room, the three close together, and none of the
three know where to start, what to do, in short, was our first opportunity
man-woman-man …… very inexperienced in the subject.

We chatted for a while, nonsense, and she says she
I hurt her neck and I quickly decided I offered to give massages,
accepted by it immediately.

To do this, I sat on the back, stepping my feet
previously bare buttocks chair, everything behind it, which
He sets up on the couch between my legs, leaving my cock up to
the back of his neck.

My cousin had gone to the bathroom, and when he returned he saw the image
I surprised, and I said are facial signs that you ate his mouth, his kiss
while I massaged his neck, which he said “finally a party”, and
immediately kissed, kiss that was matched by the blonde, whose name I
I take care not to mention, and I do not want to change the other, she is,
simply, the blonde.

Randy looked around top of the chair back,
I massaged her neck and shoulders and my cousin was eating mouth, kneeling
on the floor between her legs. And I decided to change their massage
place and made their huge breasts, which she did not reject, but it
He gladly accepted.

We changed position and got one on each side of the
blonde, touching each boob and only by eating the mouth, I had to
let me ask you act, that is not going to end, that share, to
they all responded with spontaneous laughter and had to sit on the carpet
To get your shirt and play with her tits outdoors, each hanging
a tit, sucking and massaging, and while that I did go to Part
bottom of your clothing, to release their pant legs that
preyed, and being in his underwear just for a moment, because undressed

She completely naked and we clothed as we were
before you start, so she complained, she wanted to see, touch and compare
and colors of cock, and savor.

We regaled, we gave the taste of us undressed
immediately to continue playing.

She proved to be very inexperienced, he said it was “almost
virgin “who had only had sex with a boyfriend, and that
It happened rarely and only very recently, so their experience
it was quite small.

But he kept wanting, indeed, with his desire which
……. the yards were stopped when my cousin was in charge of a breast, I would
I went to another, and with a hand touched his ass and he with his hand touched him
Shell, rich, delicious, white skin and long blond hair did see it
angelically demonic, her short 18 years, long 29 I, and in the middle
ages my cousin, blond 24 years.

Played around, we flirted, kissed, touched, but it seemed that
if we began the next step us, she was happy playing and
kissing our mouths and receiving kisses on her tits, inexperienced and determined to
avoid going beyond the blonde walked around in a rich romp, but nothing more.

Then I left her side and I get in front of it,
on the carpet, and I continue with my hands between her legs, touching her vulva,
parting her lips, and I bend down to eating her pussy unexpectedly, what
she replied with a muffled groan, drowned because his mouth was covered in
kiss my cousin.

We ate the shell until its moisture witness the
we all had fever, my cousin was playing with her big breasts, I
played with vaginal moisture, we ate the clitoris, kissed the hole, you
ran his tongue over his lips, he got one and up two fingers in his rich
shell, she was hot and it was undeniable.

And we even talk, the yards were to espadear, hard
as steel waiting to penetrate one of the beautiful holes
blonde, who unfortunately still not taking any initiative on their

By eating tits was my cousin, by eating the shell
I was, did not know whether to play him a blonde joke about the good idea
I had to bring her to my cousin’s house, when she was the one
He uttered that same joke, he said he had been very good occurrence of
bring her to see Cousin ………

At that time the volume of his hands and my knees in
carpet, and I head up to meet him, putting his dick up to
from his mouth, began to eat, something he understood and made immediately.
It was beautiful to see my cock go in that delicate and wide mouth and see his long
and scrambled blond hair falling over her shoulders, and her slender figure kneeling
at my feet, watching her boobs hanging from his chest, and watch your ass off the part
back of her figure, she was in glory. My cousin did not participate, only
I looked like the girl I ate the cock in her presence, and as puts and takes
cock mouth, and thus see his body, standing, her knees, her
clutching his head as to not stop breastfeeding, and with a gesture call my
cousin, to be closer to do something, do not know what he wanted, and he decided
to play with her tits, touch and kiss them, as I continued to accumulate
pressure, and she ran her tongue over my glans, is the got deep throat,
He kissed the head, went throughout my length with his tongue, while receiving
language of my cousin on her tits, until I could not take it anymore and burst
burst in your mouth, gushing milk flowed from the tip of my cock and
He filled his throat and overflowed from his lips, but did not want this slut
waste anything with his hand and took the milk dripped down their
corners and lips and brought it back to his mouth, to take

He laughing asked, “for being my first time in a blowjob
to the end, it was not bad, right? “, we all laughed and parted for
now, what my cousin quipped: “Yes, for being the first feed you give up
the end is not bad, but the second has to be better, “as he offered
his cock hard as steel blonde gladly accepted.

My cousin lying on the carpet with a cushion as
support expected a blowjob, the blonde 18 years old was about to
I give, put on four legs, stopping well his ass, and a bite
It engullió cock my cousin, and I, who had just tremendous throw dust in your
mouth pretty sight to see that I’m back in shape, and my cock again
stand, that is, stopped again, and seeing that there was moisture in
the atmosphere turned my fingers to the shell of the blonde, to give a straw
while she sucked my cousin, and my cock wanted battle, so the
I approached the entrance so rich and blonde shell, to which she said no,
I did not know, that as two at a time, he could not ……… we told him not
worry, it did not matter if you do not know, to continue sucking cock while
it would be penetrated, everything would be fine, but she preferred to be
penetrated as well, as he was on all fours, and my cock once inside,
I was so hot, bite my cousin’s cock devoured, and yes he could,
Clearly two vegas might enjoy at once, one in the shell and the other in the
mouth …………

Both puts and takes, obviously I took a good second
dust in her womb, as she had just received a good supply of
cum in her mouth from my cousin’s cock.

And more calm and relaxed, we were chatting,
We take a drink and finally the blonde asked me to take her back to her
house, it was too late.

We said goodbye to my cousin and took her home, and in the
road, in the car, I showed the cock who minutes earlier had been in his
mouth and in her pussy, smiled and took it with her hands, masturbated, and ate
once again, we come to the door of the building where he lived, and followed
wanks, to bring out a third powder, it exploded in his
hands, and he told me not because I wanted to see how sucked milk out
tip of the cock ……….

Unexpectedly he asked “forgiveness” his inexperience, which
almost ruined the party …….. I said at all, that everything had gone
perfect, and that if he only had more experience than
meet more often, to which she gladly accepted and formally.

We have met many times, in many combinations,
3 men and 2 women, 2 and 2, she and another girl for me, in short, blond
he learned a lot.

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