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Story: Schoolgirl whore

He came home after school, at about eight in the
night, as usual.

He walked through the dark and deserted streets with the look
Lost minding my own business. I am wearing my lovely schoolgirl uniform, one
small tartan skirt and beige polo with my
considerable breasts oppressed and quite marked. My huge blond mane
She fluttered in the breeze of the night and my angelic face, with huge eyes
blue and full lips, was pale with cold.

I really considered a very attractive girl, 1’65
tall, 60 kg. weight, curves quite marked … to be a girl
16 years was well developed and had two weeks dating a guy
class, but it was still a virgin and well.

He kept walking way home, when a corner came out
encapuchado.No see someone achieve more than that, although the force to me
I grabbed and led me to his car assumed that it was a boy,
probably older than me.

A blow to the head left me unconscious, when recover
knowledge was still in the car, had not assimilated all the
situation, and on top was tied and blindfolded, fear me
He flooded. He noticed that he had awakened. I felt very very wet slit, and
I also realized that my skirt was misplaced, so surely my
kidnapper would have been playing me at will, increasingly he felt more panic.

Suddenly the car stopped short note as he got up and
I walked to my door. I untied but without taking the blindfold and I
I returned to grab hard for me into what looked like a casa.Me
shoved lie in bed and I retied her back. I fear not
I could not react.

You’re a slut, you’ve been warming me every day with
those tits and you have not let me fuck. Now it will be worse for you.

That voice ……… left me speechless. It was my boyfriend who pretended
rape !!!

Now if I started screaming like crazy and move without
stop, but one of my shrieks he put a thrust his cock in my
and I began to fuck her mouth. It felt like a cocoon was increasing in size
within it, moving with great force putting up his burning member
background. I was drowning and seemed to care little groans of .Oia
depraved, disgusting caused me he had never felt before.

Soon the bag, thought I’d stop this torture, but
then notice a huge jet of his semen in my little face, then more and
more. It was staining my angelic face and heard him laugh with contempt. Me
very dirty and felt humiliated.

-Don’t Be cleansed until I say so dirty dog, now you
I brought a gift that you will enjoy.

After saying that I finally take off that last venda.Lo
was hoping I could see … five boys more class around me while
They masturbate watching my face smeared. They would have quite enjoyed watching
My boyfriend fucking my mouth.

Mmmm loved us see your face suffering, look at that
we also have puesto.Nosotros hot spot that we face as a child
good to have.

And they began to take turns forcing me to suck each
ellos.Les oia background laughing and commenting how good it was and how horny they
They iban.Empezaron muttering things too so low, that scared me a lot,
saw the desire in his eyes.

‘We’re going to run simultaneously over that little body as
you’re cute.

Everywhere she was surrounded look up, I heard moaning and more
but look at me and making me feel like a real bitch, and the idea me
I starting to like …

They ended up taking all my body: one on my face, two
on my breasts, one at the entrance of my pussy and another in my lovely legs.

Now you sticking around in bed waiting for return,
like the whore you are only serving to stay at will when
We want.

And I saw as they left, wait anxiously, but time
He happened and I fell asleep.

Again heard as the door opened, now entered
All but my boyfriend, but there was someone else, a girl had never seen.

Here you have the dog you promised Sandra. Can
play with it as you please.

It was a girl about 20 years old, brown skin, black hair,
green eyes … He wore a red mini skirt and a low cut shirt and
color adjusted negro.Se approached me, patted my face and started

No escape, but could not possibly have done it
not even try, inquietava me see what would happen.

I Stay lying so, open your legs, I want that
shaven pussy.

I take a razor and began to leave his
taste, while occasionally introduced me if language or its
fingers … I was getting cachondísima.

Shave me almost everything, just I leave a small, fine line
the middle.

Now bitch, get on all fours.

He obeyed without saying anything at contra.Estaba forward to
feel used and humiliated.

As I said, I was a virgin, and my ass was also
untouched yet. They knew as my boyfriend probably would have informed them.

She knelt in front of my face, I took my
head and force myself to chuparselo.Ella also had shaved, and should
be hot as her juices running down my lips while eating her

Notice how suddenly approached one of the boys behind
and put his cock at the entrance of my rajita.Temia to harm me, but
then someone wanted to fill me and nor should the matter
let me, I would rather do it, who introduced a motion
fortisimo.Grite pain, but he kept embestirme and gradually
pain was becoming placer.Con each of his thrusts my tongue
introduced into the hole of Sandra and she kept moaning of pleasure
like me.

-You are enjoying dog too, is now suffering a

And one of the guys approached me, but this time his target
virgen.Comenzo was also licking my ass, sticking his tongue and
I alternately with one of his dedos.Eso caused me my first orgasm, my pussy
I was already soaked and getting fucked me stronger.

Gradually the second boy was entering his cock in my
ass, this time the pain caused me more pleasure than before, kept screaming
I wanted more and mas.Las thrusts of the two boys and went hand in hand and that I
to die of pleasure, as she swallowed all the juices of Sandra and my metia
d ella.Notaba tongue in whipping the boy who fucked my ass, too
strong, and each of them a groan escaped me.

I could see behind the door as my boyfriend watched everything
what was going on and masturbated, but he was too focused on what
I did, so q does not pay close attention.

The two boys were run at a time, filling inside
semen.Lo felt his hot chorrando my cuerpo.Entonces the girl
separated from me, and began to lick everything ran down my slit q to quit
Clean todo.Los boys were still looking now towards me as your friend
cum pleasure and saw my boyfriend was coming back …

‘I realize how you can be a bitch ?? Now open your mouth
and suck it all.

And just what had begun as he watched abused

I swallow all happy, then I licked my lips for
savor what was left and looked into his face and smiled.

Now it was his bitch and was proud of it.

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